Under The Weight Of Living

Hello, I'm a future former fatty.

On August 8th, 2013, I started Weight Watchers.

I'm 5'10"

Starting Weight: 207.8lbs
Current Weight: 194.7lbs
Weight Lost So Far: 13.1lbs
My Weigh-In Day is Thursday

Goal 1: 197.8lbs (-10lbs)
Goal 2: 190lbs (-17.8lbs)
Goal 3: 187.8lbs (-20lbs)
Goal 4: 174lbs (-33.8lbs and no longer overweight!)
Goal 5: 167.8lbs (-40lbs)
Goal 6: 157.8lbs (-50lbs)
Goal Weight: 145lbs (-62.8ls)
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